Original date this was wrote: June 2nd 2015.

For a good portion of today I’ve had my head buried in Google analytics for this site, I wouldn’t say I was an analytics guru at all but it has been interesting there’s a lot you can learn from analysing web data; for example, If it wasn’t for analytics I probably wouldn’t have identified a problem in my site when it comes to viewing via mobile… That’s fixed by the way, view as you wish.

I just thought I’d share a few thoughts maybe it’ll help anyone just setting up their website, like me. First up – It’s very easy to get lost.. I did, a few times. It’s always good to start analysing having a fairly vague idea of what you are looking for; this is to give your research some direction but to also make sure you don’t restrict what data you are looking at, chances are you’ll find something you didn’t notice.

For example I was researching the duration in which people view certain pages but didn’t limit myself to desktop devices and found that people spent longer on the portfolio page on a desktop computer rather than a mobile… That was due to the slideshow I previously had, you had to click arrows for the next image and that was annoying to do on a touchscreen mobile.  So now I have a swanky new self-moving slideshow…check me out.

Also, start setting data goals early i.e. a goal to measure traffic from social channels or durations on certain pages. It’s always good to identify web problems early.

This link really helped today – The small business guide to Google analytics

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