These blog posts were originally created in 2016 on a different blog.


So this is the shed so far. it’s only small but because of how compact it is everything is to hand. So I can turn out loads of prints like a production line.




Here’s my make-shift water system for cleaning screens. The hose is directed out into the yard.




This is a nifty little hinged screen that I liberated from a dusty school supply cupboard.




As you can see I only have black, blue and yellow inks at the moment. All the jars are for run off inks and mixing colours.



I’m not much of a sports man but I do like Wales; I know, blasphemous to say that during the rugby world cup – this was a gift that some drunk oaf fell on and cracked the top.




Shoe boxes, always good to have a couple shoe boxes to hand.




This is the scrap side of my printing bed. the side I use to mix inks, expose screens and other such stuff that doesn’t need hinges. The painting is something I did whilst bored; I recon I’ll re-create it in screen printing form.




Told you it was a small shed but it has character.

The cupboard here was bought for £10 from a furniture recycling center then re-painted.




This was simple to make. I used an old wooden desktop then screwed some screen hinges I got from eBay, works like a dream.




I’m quite proud of the work bench. I also liberated this table from a school – they were giving these ones away. I used scrap wood to raise the printing area off the table and create some slots where I could safely house either screens or prints.




This is the first print I’ve produced within the shed, it was made using free hand printing. No stencils, no screen exposure just use a brush and draw the ink straight onto the screen then print.

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