These blog posts were originally created in 2016 on a different blog.




For some really clear prints I’m going to want to burn the designs into some photo emulsion coated screens. I could do it with the sun but that’ll mean I’ll have to wait for sunny days, with a cheap flood lamp and some 500w halogen bulbs I can burn the screens anytime I want.  So I’m going to make a pully system for adjusting the amount of space between the screen and lamp, check out my perfectly calculated blueprints above.




Some clothes line rope, 3x ring hooks and screw plugs, cable tidy and some Duct tape that I forgot to photograph.




And a drill.




3 rope threads – the 2 on the side are tied off to the middle. This is to keep the suspended light level when adjusting the height.




Hooks in the roof.




And the shelf.


And also in the wall to tie it off.




The lamp was bought from Italy and had to be wired – I cut up an old extension cable for it.






Yep; duct tape, rope and string.




This is some blackout material that will be used to block out any potential light from the screen when exposing. Still needs some work to make it fully light proof.




The postage roll package you see there is going to be used to unravel black material to cover the white workbench.

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