Below is a draft none-formatted template of the contract I use, copy and pasted into a post; feel free to copy, paste and edit this for your own contract uses. Also feel free to comment on ways to improve this.

Agreement of services

[Enter clients name / Company name]

Will Cross Creative |



Job number: 00000


[Brief description of project.]

Design Marketing Screenprinting

*Highlight applicable service.


Parties to the contract:

Between me: Will (William, Griffin) Cross

(“I”, “me” or “designer” in this contract)



(“you” or “client” in this contract)


This agreement, along with the Standard Terms unless so excluded below, is to form a legal contract between the designer and the client under exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Project summary:

[Insert summary of project, where the project was summarised in previous communication]


“The project is as summarised in correspondence between the client and the designer in correspondence dated DD/MM/YYYY, which is attached to this contract.”


{Then attach a printed / digital copy of the email/letter}

By signing this contract:

I, the designer, agree:


  • That I have the experience and ability to perform the services agreed to the standard agreed.
  • That I will carry this service out in a professional manner.
  • That I will respect the confidentiality of any information given to me by the client regarding their company and the work I am contracted to do.
  • That I will comply with deadline where practicable and shall notify the client when it becomes evident that this cannot be done.


You, the client, agree:


  • That you have the power to enter into this contract on behalf of your organisation.
  • To provide the designer with everything they require to complete the project as soon as is practicable when requested.
  • To review the designer’s work, provide feedback and sign off within the agreed timescales.
  • To stick to the payment schedule as described within this contract.



Each project can often require a set of it’s own unique services in relation to the clients individual brief and specifications.

See below for your specific details.


All services include:


  • Initial, mid-way and sign off consultations.
  • Full formatted and packaged documents upon sign-off.
  • An agreed number of free revisions / alterations.

See alterations and revisions section.

  • Referral to any external contacts. See contact section.

Specific services include:


[Insert details of the service. i.e. How many concepts you’ll produce]







The status as to copyright of any work completed under this contract shall be dealt with as per the standard terms. [1]


Unless other terms are agreed.


Alterations and revisions:

[State how many changes and revisions the client is entitled to / fee for any additional.]


The completions of alterations and/or revisions are subject to the Standard Terms attached to this contract.




         Deadline date(s): DD/MM/YYYY

Down payment date(s): DD/MM/YYYY

*If agreed upon.


I cannot be held responsible for any missed deadlines if there are any outstanding balances (i.e. any agreed down payments) or you have been slow to supply any needed materials and/or feedback / sign off.


I also cannot be held responsible for the missing of any deadlines due to circumstances beyond my control, i.e. family emergencies, war, floods,
catastrophes etc.


I cannot be responsible for any alterations and/or revisions that overlap the agreed deadline due to late feedback. An additional deadline will need to be agreed upon within this situation.




Total fee—: £££££

Down payment—: £££££

*If agreed upon.


I’m not registered for VAT; see the standard terms [5] for payment terms.



The terms for cancellation/termination of this contract are as states in the Standard Terms attached to this contract.




I, the designer, promise to do my best to ensure that any imagery and designs used within my work are my own and do not infringe on any copyright or other right of a third party. I promise to ensure that any facts or statements used within my work are true and do not infringe upon any copyright or other right of a third party.

However, I cannot be held liable to you, or any third party, for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, complaints, claims, litigation or other incidental, consequential or special damages that arise regarding
this assignment.

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any
remaining provisions.

This contract cannot be transferred to any third party no named within this contract without my permission. This contract stays in place and need not
be renewed.




By signing below the client and the designer agrees to be bound by the terms in this contract and any attached documentation stated within.


The Client:                                                                           Dated:





The Designer:                                                                     Dated:

Standard terms:

  1. Copyright of any work/design/concepts created in for the purposes of fulfilling the contract remain with the designer until full and final payment is received, as per the Payment Terms and Payment Schedule.
    1. The designer reserves the right to display any final work on their website and/or within their portfolio and link this to the client’s website and/or social media platform.
    2. The designer reserves the right to be credited with the design and a link be made available to his website and/or social media platform on the client’s website. How this is done is at the client’s discretion.


  1. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the designer reserves the right to retain this contract and any documentation or correspondence between the designer and the client which may give effect to any section within the contract for a period no longer than 6 years from the date of completion of the contract. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, this information will not be held for longer than necessary as required by the designer and, in any event, will be destroyed no later than 6 years from the date of completion of this contract.
    1. These include, but are not limited to the initial correspondence and pre-contract communication, along with any communication that may, by agreement, alter the terms of this contract.


  1. As the date of completion of this contract shall be regarded as the date that all outstanding monies are paid by the client and processed by the designer.


  1. The relationship between the client and the designer will be that of “independent contractor” which means that the designer is not the client’s employee, worker, agent or partner and the designer will not give the impression that they are.
    1. As this is not an employment contract, the designer will be fully responsible for all of their own tax liabilities, including any national insurance contributions arising from carrying out the Services. If the client has to pay any such tax then the designer will pay back to the client in full, any money that the client has to pay, and they will also pay the client back for any fine or other punishment imposed on the client because the tax was not paid by
      the designer.


  1. Payment Terms:
    1. The client will pay each invoice within 30 days of receiving it.
    2. Late repayment, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the designer, shall incur a £5 charge rising to £10 if the payment remains outstanding 90 days from receipt of the invoice.
      1. For the purposes of this contract the invoice is considered received, unless it is proven otherwise, 1 day after dispatch by email and 3 days after dispatch by post.
    3. Where there is a schedule for payment, an invoice shall be created for each scheduled amount and the above terms shall apply to each invoice.

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