Contracts for creatives are more important than you may think.

In one of my older posts “gr-if company update, January 2017” I mentioned creating contracts and sorting out all the legal stuff, it was probably the only piece of practical advice in the post for creative freelancers… or any self-employed person really. “If you’re after something a little more practical; make a contract, t’s & … Continue reading Contracts for creatives are more important than you may think.

Contract Template

Below is a draft none-formatted template of the contract I use, copy and pasted into a post; feel free to copy, paste and edit this for your own contract uses. Also feel free to comment on ways to improve this. Agreement of services [Enter clients name / Company name] Will Cross Creative |   … Continue reading Contract Template

Gr-if Company Update, January 2017

Some of you who know me will know that gr-if wasn’t created this year. It was originally created in the summer of 2014 in a naïve post-university era starry eyed and ready to go, that’s not to say I’m now withered and faithless; quite the opposite actually. A lot has happened since I first set … Continue reading Gr-if Company Update, January 2017

Feet on the ground with the Prince’s Trust.

Last week I was on a four day introductory seminar with the Prince's Trust for their 'exploring business' course, the course was developed to provide young entrepreneurs; I guess like myself, with the tools and support they need to grow their business ideas. Now this was first mentioned to me by a friend a while … Continue reading Feet on the ground with the Prince’s Trust.

Yep, gr-if has changed…again.

Hey. So I'm going to try to keep this short, a lot of stuff has been going on and I've neglected this blog, to be honest I've neglected a lot of gr-if marketing. There are a few reasons as to why - the main three being; I've been working on creating a screen printing workshop. … Continue reading Yep, gr-if has changed…again.